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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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law enforcement streamed into the hayward police department to salute their fallen cull league. officers led the flag draped casticate of sergeant scott lunger to a funeral home. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> new developments of the shooting investigation. ktvu's noelle walker is live now with new surveillance video that police want you to see. >> reporter: police still expect to book the suspect here in the rail at some point later today. in the mean tim they have released new -- time they have released new video. look at this. this is surveillance video taken after sergeant scott lunger was shot at 3:15 a.m. wednesday morning. from 107th and beverly in oakland. that is where the suspect lives. it appears to show the sedan
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pulling into the suspect's driveway. police want to talk to the driver and any of the occupies in the car -- occupants in the car. this is the facebook photo as neighbors i.d. as the suspect, mark estrada. he was still in highland hospital and had not been cleared to be booked into the jail. a sergeant said they still expect that to happen today although it is later than they did expect. they initially thought between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. but he told me they still expect him to be moved from the hospital and booked into jail together. another look at the car that police want people to look at. it is a light colored sedan. seen in the area of the suspect's home. that is 107th and beverly in the city of oakland. this is after 3:15 a.m. in the morning on wednesday
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after the deadly shooting happened. police believe the people in that car may have information about the shooting and if you recognize the vehicle or know who might be in it police want to talk to you. again to sum things up right now the suspect mark estrada is still in highland hospital. he is expected to be released from the hospital today but hasn't been cleared yet. when that happens he will be booked and brought here to jail. >> are police saying why they think the people in that car may know something about the shooting? >> reporter: they have not said specifically. but if you read between the lines, in the is an area where the suspect lives. it looks like that car is making a turn into the suspect's driveway or a u-turn around the suspect's home. so they believe the people in the car might have information
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about what happened either after the shooting or maybe during the shooting. they want to talk to the people. they are not calling them suspects. they just want to talk to them. >> thank you. the support for fallen officer sergeant scott lunger is continuing to pour in from all around the bay area. officers escorted his body from the coroner to the chapel of the chimes memorial park. that is where we find ktvu's azenith smith. >> reporter: let me tell you there was a sense of peace today to see officers saluting their fallen brother as they prepared to lay his body to rest. >> reporter: a showing of solidarity for sergeant scott lunger in an endless stream of patrol cars. his body escorted after he was shot and killed during a
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traffic stop. >> senseless act. it is felt throughout law enforcement everywhere. >> he didn't know sergeant scott lunger he knows first hand the family's pain. his uncle was killed in the line of duty in 1998. >> the one thing, the one statement that has always stuck in my mind since april 25, 1998 you will never get over it. you will just get used to it. >> they are in shock. you know, they are living a nightmare. >> reporter: she lost her husband a richmond police officer in 2008. she now helping the family through this tragedy. >> he was a family guy. enjoyed life. enjoyed fishing. enjoyed his friends. >> reporter: her husband is a former police officer who was sergeant scott lunger's friend.
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all of them are in mourning, comforted by the support, evidentane memorial outside police headquarters. >> -- evident in a memorial outside police headquarters. >> we have a community that has come forward to give us a hug and we are grateful for that. >> reporter: the funeral has been set for next thursday at the neighborhood church. >> a lot of people will be there. thank you very much. now to developing news on the wragg fire in the north bay. live pictures from sky fox 2. cal fire says the fire has grown to 7,000 acres. and right now it is only 15% contained. it is burning in napa, salono and yolo counties. the fire broke out yesterday about 2:30 p.m. on highway 128 near lake berryessa. flames are threatening homes
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but so far only one barn has been destroyed. right now the cause is under investigation but there were reports that it was started after a car crash. people who live nearby are still evacuated. ktvu's rob roth spoke with residents who had close calls from the fire. rob? >> reporter: right. you can see the fire burned across these ranch lands. and you can also see the fire has come close to these homes and ranches. >> reporter: all along this area the fire ripped through here quickly last night. it was time to evacuate. >> we looked over the back of the house and flames were 50 yards away. >> he is a cattle rancher and a retired san francisco firefighter. >> at the last minute i decided to just try to make a last
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ditch effort. we grabbed, put a water tank on the quad, went up to the fire line and put it out. kept working on it. pulling buckets out of the pool and everything and put it out. >> reporter: crews checked the area for hot spots. it is one of two areas that have been evacuated. an evacuation center has been set up for large animals. 10 horses so far, including these. >> terrified. bad feeling all summer we would get another fire. we had one last year over the 4 4th of july and we evacuated. >> the flames got so close to this home they reached under the porch. she evacuated not knowing if there would be anything left to come back to. >> we are lucky. real lucky. >> reporter: firefighters got here in the nick of time. the road leading to where the
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ranches have had close calls, that road remains closed. all residents can do is wait and see and watch the wind patterns. >> rob roth reporting live, thank you. now to meteorologist mark tamayo and the conditions that firefighters are facing. mark, how are the conditioning today compared to yesterday? >> the winds today, or the winds yesterday were more extreme. today there is a breeze out there. as far as the live reports right now, live pictures, coming up off the aerial shots. the fire has been extending in coverage over the past 24 hours. you heard from rob roth the drought having a huge impact on the fire zone. things really dry. we do not have red flag warnings in place. typically this time of year we could have winds gusting to 50 miles per hour, it is not the
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case today. you get the idea here, topography is the challenge. they can't drive a fire truck up to the front lines. that is why you are seeing the aerial attack. quail canyon road, here it is right here. trying to protect that with the flames getting closer. 82 degrees. humidity 36%. winds, there is a breeze, 12 miles per hour. still the fire is showing up on the radar here. that is the smoke plume pushing into the region. if you watched at 4:00 p.m. we had fire researcher into the studio, this is from his team out there. you notice the winds. winds going in one direction. up elevation, winds going the other direction. that is a huge challenge. that will be the case tonight and friday and into the weekend. tonight 2 investigates
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obtained a report that reveals new details with pictures and a possible cause of a deadly fire in the mission district of san francisco. ktvu's eric rasmussen is going over the report. an electrical problem may be played a role in this. >> investigators chose their words carefully saying they could not rule that out as a cause of the fire. we just got our hands on the report a few hours ago. you remember the fire which grew to four alarms after it broke out at a three story building on 22 and mission in january. started before 7:00 p.m., many people were home at the time. some of the people who were rescued couldn't get to fire escapes because of bars on the windows. six people including a firefighter were injured. one man was killed. the new report included photos from the third floor showing
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the fire damage. investigators say he was found wearing head phones in a closet that had been converted into sleeping area. a witness said electrical circuits over loaded in the past. investigators traced the fire to inside a wall. in the report they wrote we noticed a directional burn pattern within the wall originating in two electrical panels. they said they were unable to eliminate a electrical fault. there is no indication in the report that this fire was anything other than accidental. >> what does this mean for tenant and the owners? >> reporter: good question. at the time the owner said he was insured and planned to rebuild. we have heard reports that that process was slow going. we tried to contact him and
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were unable to get an answer from him. there is also a lawsuit filed last month by the commercial tenants on the first floor. they are claiming negligence and breach of contract. they are going after the owner. >> the person who died, found in a closet with head phones on. he had no idea the building was on fire? >> reporter: it is possible. we went over our reports, heard from witnesses who said this man worked nights and would sometimes put head phones on to sleep. that wasn't a surprise to read. he was sleeping in a closet. >> is it a big building? >> reporter: 50 residents. >> thank you. still ahead, vice president joe biden comes to the bay area, the one company he is stopping at during his visit. >> nasa discovers a planet that is the most similar to earth and it is the best bet yet for
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a case from san francisco once again took center stage in the capital. the father of kathryn steinle, the woman killed on peer 14 testified again about streamlining immigration law and lawmakers responded. the house approved legislation to penalize susanicist -- sanctuary cities like san francisco. ktvu's keba arnold is live with more. >> reporter: today the legislation passed on a party
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line vote. this bill it would block funding for communities like san francisco that do not cooperate in providing immigration information oo federal authorities -- to federal authorities. . >> do to disjointed law and incompetence on many levels the u.s. suffered a self inflicted wound in the murder of her daughter by the hand of a person that should never have been on the streets. >> reporter: on tuesday he appeared before the senate. he said a republican proposal to lock up every undocumented immigrant who returns to the u.s. after being deported may be too difficult oo enforce. -- to enforce. . >> if we try to arrest every fellthen jails would be pull -- fellthen jails would be full --
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felon the jails would be full. . >> reporter: he says he found statistics that show 120 illegal immigrants should have been deported. this is just over the span of four years. mean time had suspect in kathryn steinle's murder juan francisco lopez sanchez after a brief court appearance yesterday he was ordered to return next week to set a date for a preliminary hearing. he has again plead not guilty. >> all right. thank you. the committee voted in favor of lifting the ban on travel to cuba. that is a boost to president obama's move. the senate move comes days after the u.s. and cuba reestablished diplomatic relations. the move faces strong opposition in congress and only congress can lift the trade and
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travel embargo. the a's today traded scott kazmir to his home town team the houston astros. in return the a's got a catcher and a pitcher. scott kazmir is going to a team that is in the middle of the pennate race with the angels. today marks a series of deals. oakland is celebrating a renovation project that lake merritt saturday with free boat rentals. the project is part of a measure for lake improvements. upgrades at the boating center include a new plaza, near the sail boat house, rest rooms with better access and a new ramp tolaunch boats -- to lunch boats. . >> they have turned lake merritt around. it was a nice day out there. >> nor sunshine this afternoon
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-- more sunshine this afternoon. we have clear skies over a good portion of the bay area right now and temperatures haven't been changing too much. that will be the case for tomorrow. but we will warm back up. live storm tracker 2, this was the case this morning. going back 12 hours in time. all the over cast over the bay area. the clouds melting away. looking for left over patches. not showing up here. we have patchy fog near the coast line. half moon bay. pacifica as well. not completely clear. i think the clouds regroup tonight and friday morning. current temperatures 80 degrees santa rosa. livermore upper 70s. san jose 71. oakland69 degrees. clear skies. here you can see fog in the distance. tonight fog increasing over
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night. tomorrow morning clouds. warm temperatures inland. still comfortable. everybody warming up in the extended forecast. not for the weekend. gilroy a big event tomorrow, last weekend of july. the garlic festival. throughout the day temperatures reach the lower 80s. not expecting major heat this weekend. that could sometimes be the case. looking good tomorrow. for your friday, morning fog, patchy drizzle. lots of 60s and 70. few spots inland lower 80s. into the weekend, high pressure returns from the desert southwest. with that, the source of minor warming. the real warming next weekic tuesday and wednesday. -- week, tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., there is the coverage. clearing back to the shoreline. 60s here. the warmest locations,
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approaching the 80s. warmest locations low 80s. fairfield 81 degrees. winds pick up. especially around the delta throughout the afternoon. oakland lower 70s. danville 82 degrees. san jose 79. cupertino upper 70s and san francisco the clouds in the morning becoming partly cloudy. 68. your five-day forecast. minor temperature bumps. saturday and then into sunday we cool off. you have a drop off, and then it bounces back up. that will happen next week. we could have triple digits next week. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. still ahead, a remarkable discovery. nasa says it found a planet thal is more similar to earth than any other planet they have seen and beaches in santa cruz looking more like beaches in hawaii. with bright, blue water. this is monterey. what is causing the water to
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turn? you will hear the explanation coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> ships waiting in the bay. trucks waiting in line. boxes stacked to the sky. now the port wants the state to help out.
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nasa says it discovered a distant planet and it is the closest thing to earth they have found so far. the condition could potentially support life and may mean we
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are not alone in the universe. >> reporter: it is being called kepler 452b. a new discovered planet 1400 light years from our own. >> we are announcing the discovery of a planet that as far as we can tell is a pretty good close cousin to the earth and our sun. >> reporter: it was found in the consulages siginous by the space telescope launched in 2009. the size is 60% larger than earth. and similar to worth. it is orbiting around a star somewhat like our sun. >> same surface temperature like the sun. 10% bigger and 20% brighter than our son and older. this planet orbits the star every 385 days.
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>> reporter: they believe the atmosphere could contain water. raising the possibility it could support life. >> today earth is less lonely because there is a new kid on the block. >> the discovery brings the total number of confirmed plan toots 1,030 but this so far is the closest. >> i emphasize so far because it is rich and the science community has full access to extrack future discoveries am -- extract pup toker discovers -- future discoveries. >> reporter: in miami, fox news. new numbers released today show people in santa clara county are having success when it comes to saving water. they reduced water use by 35%. exceeding the goals for the second straight month. officials say that means residents are getting the
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message about the importance of conserving. especially during the summer. >> it is really encouraging that people are doing what they can. they are fighting the drought inside and out. and hopefully they will keep it up. >> officials say the county did not make the goals in the winter and spring so residents still have the work cut out for them. vice president joe biden visits the bay area but only one stop is scheduled. the company he toured and how they are trying to revolutionize healthcare. >> what went wrong for a california base jumper and the interview he granted just before his deadly fall. >> and a small puppy abandon in a bag, now there is a thousand dollars reward to find out who did.
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vice president joe biden is visiting the bay area today. he toured a firm that was started by a 17-year-old -- 19- year-old stanford drop out. ktvu's john sasaki went along on the tour. >> vice president joe biden. >> reporter: joe biden walked into the spotlight. he visited the firm's production facility to learn
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about the work being done here. >> i am glad because you can see first hand what innovation is all about just walking through this facility. >> before he spoke he toured the facility. she started the company in 2003 when she dropped out of stanford. she took her tuition money and created a blood test that requires drops of blood for the fraction of the cost for traditional test and he received approve for a new herpes test that could be done at home. >> we could make health information more accessible. our work is fueled by understanding what it means to have to say good-bye too soon. >> reporter: joe biden was impressed by the technology. >> you get the sense that the whole medical industry is on
5:32 pm
the cusp of fund mental change that goes -- fundamental change that goes far beyond. >> reporter: the facility is here in newark, two cities over from hayward. the vice president expressed his condolences to the family of sergeant scott lunger. >> i want you to pass on that i -- my heart goes out to the family and -- and -- it is -- no one fully appreciates the risk you take till something like this happened. >> reporter: he concluded with a discussion with the heads of local medical facilities including stanford and ucsf. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. president obama heading to africa to attend a summit. the president is expected to deliver a speech at some point
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and people who live in the home town are hoping for a visit from the president. president obama visited kenya when he was a senator. he is also scheduled to visit ethyepa. the man accused of killing a boy last october and suspected in five other killings this weekend appeared in court today. martinez pleaded not guilty in the death. he is being held on $5 million bail. >> reporter: family and friends of the family found dead inside a home filled the courtroom for martin martinez's first court appearance since his arrest on sunday. >> it was quick. mr. martinez pled not guilty. >> reporter: while he wasn't here to answer to the charges, he was in court to answer to the death of a child last october. >> i have no information on why
5:34 pm
it took so long to be charged at this time. >> reporter: among those present was a sister, who was among the five people killed saturday. he died as a result of head injuries investigators believe he suffered while under his care. >> charged with two felony counts. the first is murder. last year. and the second is a child abuse count. which is also child abuse causing death. >> reporter: families declined to comment. according to the warrant, martinez changed his story several times. telling police he was wrestling with the boy when he fell 3 feet backwards, hitting his head on the floor. he then later told 911 he fell because he was tripped while
5:35 pm
playing. while each charnel carries the possibility of life in prison. >> he is presumed innocent till proven guilty in court. >> martinez has not been charged with the five other killings. the sheriff's department says he is held alone in a cell. in texas authorities said today the autopsy of sandra bland is consistent with suicide. she is the 28-year-old woman who was found dead in her jail cell three days after a traffic stop. the district attorney says the autopsy found she hanged herself and that there is no evidence that anyone else was involved. >> at this point it has not been determined there have been any criminal activities or criminal charges by any party at this time. >> the autopsy report showed sandra bland had marijuana in her system. her family said they don't believe she had any reason to take her life and they are
5:36 pm
demanding the justice department investigate. an apartment building goes up in flames and police say it is the work of an arsonist. >> some customers say t.j. maxx is deceiving people about how much money they are saving. and why instagram is bringing back #curvy after blocking it last week.
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police in antioch are looking into whether criminal charges should be brought in the near drowning of a baby. the baby was found yesterday in responsiveane bath tube -- responsive in a bath tube. police report the child was in critical condition but so far haven't released additional information. a base jumper from southern california died after an accident in eastern turkey. he was jumping from a cable suspended 900 feet above a
5:40 pm
river gorge when the ropes became tangled wrapping around his legs. he had dawn successful jump from the same spot earlier and granted this interview before his deadly fall. >> the jump was great. gorgeous flight. >> at the time of his death he was working on a documentary on all the deaths happening in the base jumping community. donald trump is blaming the obama administration for being snubbed by union leaders that boarder and he is blasting the media for -- [no audio] >> telemundo should be ashamed. what is going to be fun, i am suing union vision. >> trump said a new pole shows
5:41 pm
he is winning the hispanic vote in nevada by a landslide. instagram is backing down on a word ban that caused a back lash. they blocked #curvy a week ago. that outraged users and prompted replacement has tags. they said their filtering system linked the word with pornography words. ahead here, puppy six weeks gold abandon in a bag without food or water. how he was found and the reward to find who left him to die. >> i am in oakland where the warriors are getting ready to screen a new movie about their run to the chip. that store-- championship, that story ahead.
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>> lots of sunshine across the bay area. coming up, the temperature change in your friday forecast and when triple digits return in the 5 day outlook.
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t.j. maxx is facing a lawsuit from two shoppers who claim they were deceived about savings. price tags at t.j. maxx includes an estimate of savings. some people say they are getting good deals. other says comparison shopping
5:45 pm
is too hard. it is always good idea to check around. >> you have to take a critical eye to the sale and make sure you are actually saving money. >> a t.j. maxx disclaimer says its prices are estimates and encourage customers to shop around. secretary of state john kerry appeared on capitol hill as part of the campaign to get congress to approve the iran's nuclear deal. the agreement was opposed by republicans. gop members used words including bamboozled and fleeced to describe the deal. john kerry told them of the fight that it took to bring them to the bargaining table. >> i was chairman when we passed those sanctions. we negotiated. and i guarantee you for the
5:46 pm
first 15 years you have unbelievable restrengths that make it impossible to think about making a bomb. >> congress has two months to consider the deal. new at 5:00 p.m. the glow hasn't worn off for the nba champion warriors. in an hour the team will be screening a new movie about their run to the championship. but that is not all they did today. ktvu's jason applebaum is live with their story. jason? >> reporter: nba entertainment put together a look that warriors run to the championship. they will screen that movie about an hour from now as you said. it is quiet here now. empty tables. there will be 150 select season ticket holders and sponsors to watch the movie. but that is not the only thing, a fun and cool event in san
5:47 pm
francisco involving harrison barns and barcelona. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: 100 or so barcelona fans lined up hoping for a look that players as they practiced today. they are in town to face manchester united saturday at levi stadium. it is an exhibition. as for barnes, he is a huge barcelona fan. he was absolutely giddy hanging out with the playerser, posing for photos. the -- players, pose for poteaus. -- photos. we caught up with barnes and asked him. >> had a chance to play when i was younger. went to the world cup last year and now my first professional practice. >> reporter: this must be a thrill. one of the best soccer teams in
5:48 pm
the world. to hang out and meet these guys and pose for photos. pretty cool. >> yeah. i am the newest champion among the bunch. >> reporter: as we said all quiet now. in a half hour i will be back and i am hoping steve kerr, and one of the owners will be standing next to me. we will find out in a half hour. back to you. >> a lot of hardware out there. they had fun showing off the trophies. thank you very much. major league baseball is out with its list of top selling jerseys this year and madison bumgarner is number one. he helped the giants win the world series last year. and he was the series mvp. besides being a terrific pitcher, he is not bad as a hitter. two other giants players, buster posey ranked number three and hunter pence number
5:49 pm
six. sorry a's fans, no members of the athletics came in on the list. time it back to mark in the weather center. saw blue and sunshine out there today. things will warm up quickly. >> a nice day, yeah. wouldn't too cold. nice and comfortable. right now sunshine across the bay area. afternoon highs. lower 60s in pacifica, san francisco 66. inland, lower 80s towards concord, livermore and antioch, santa rosa 81. start out the day with lots of fog. throughout the afternoon, melting away. a few left over patches near the immediate coast line. closer to half moon bay, parts of pacifica as well. there is the fog, not clearing out just yet. it will push back into the bay over night. 63 san francisco. santa rosa 80.
5:50 pm
concord 80 degrees. san jose downtown 71. wind speeds are a breeze out there as well. fairfield winds 21 miles per hour. oakland 15. sfo strong as well, sustained 24, gusting to 30 miles per hour. out of the west. with that capping the temperatures. neat we showed you the fog on the satellite. on the camera as well. over san francisco. this will be a factor. i look at the chop on the bay water. we have a breeze out there. churning up the seas. winds 15-20 miles per hour. over night lows will be in the 50s to 60 degrees. partly cloudy skies. and areas of fog expected. temperature time line, livermore sunny skies, and temperatures starting out close to 60. zooming back up to the lower 80s by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. no big changes in the friday forecast. skies partly sunny. 60s and 70s.
5:51 pm
the biggest change, a little warmer. that is a minor tweak to the forecast. high pressure returns, this warms us up this weekend but a bump in the numbers saturday and then we warm up into next week. we could be talking 100 degrees for parts of the bay area on wednesday. the fog in the morning, clearing back to the shoreline. oranges are 80 degrees. tomorrow warmer. santa rosa 83. fairfield 81. oakland lower 70s. livermore 83 degrees. san jose upper 70s. 79. like today. fog in the morning and clearing back to the shoreline. here is your five-day forecast, temperatures up saturday. cooling off into sunday and then we zoom back up for monday and tuesday. tuesday it will be warm to hot and near 100 degrees inland. this time around we should not have the humidity like last
5:52 pm
week. it is the humidity, not the heat. >> like the spring board -- >> exactly. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. some people lost nearly everything in a fire that was deliberately set, tonight why some residents are standing behind it suspect even though they think he did. trucks lined up and boxes of goods stacked up. at 6:00 p.m. why the port of oakland is asking the state for help. >> bright blue water off the beaches in monterey bay, coming up, what is causing this.
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in colorado jurors found the death penalty is justified for james holmes. he was convicted of killing 12 people inside a movie theater in colorado. the decision is the first step in the penalty phase of the trial. the judge said each juror may now concern mercy. defense attorneys will have a chance to argue for sentence of life in prison without the possibility of patrol. a study shows the bay area has the worse roads in the country. the report found 74% of the roads in san francisco and oakland are considered in poor condition. that is the highest percentage in the nation. they cost drivers $1,000 a year
5:56 pm
in maintenance costs. looking at areas across the nation. antioch second and santa rosa third with 50% of roads in poor shape. he is accused of setting an apartment building on fire and displacing six families but when he showed up in court several families showed up as well. ktvu's ann rubin is in san jose to explain why. >> reporter: they say they are more than neighbors, they are friends so they came here to show him they support him despite what happened. >> reporter: during his arraignment he hid in the hallway. had he looked in the courtroom he might have been surprised. he had supporters. >> i am here to support my friend. >> he said he has a history of mental illness and substance
5:57 pm
abuse. neighbors called san jose police who tried to subdue him and left without taking him into custody. later neighbors at the apartments saw the fire. >> when we had called the police earlier we are trying to get him help. >> reporter: now six families have been displaced. he had been homeless, now he is homeless again. >> too many emotions. overwhelmedoverwhelmed. sad. angry. just the situation. >> reporter: san jose police have conducting an investigation into what happened. neighbors say he needed help. now they are afraid he won't get it. >> he is looking at major time. these people are out of homes. it got way out of control. >> reporter: he is facing charges for arson and assaulting a police officer. possibly up to 9 years in prison.
5:58 pm
>> i have met with them. and talked to them about their concerns. it is something we are considering going forward. >> reporter: his family was in court. his father and brother overwhelmed by the outpouring. >> showing me they are here for my brother and i hope it helps. >> we love you. we want you to get the help you need, man. >> reporter: the red cross is helping the displaced families. bail was set at $200,000. live in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. the spca is offering a $1,000 reward tonight, they are looking for the person who abandon this puppy. so cute. a woman found him inside a carrier back on sunday in an alley. she says the dog was thirsty, hungry and dirty. he is six weeks old and will be up for adoption soon.
5:59 pm
ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. scorched ground that burned up to the walls of these homes in the north bay. evacuations were ordered and today they are feeling very thankful. >> we are really lucky. the fire went up to our houses. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> the wragg fire grown to 7,000 acres. here is a live look at all the smoke from sky fox 2. 1300 firefighters are fighting the fire. including four air tankers and 10 helicopters. crews are making progress. the fire is 15% contained. 200 structures are still threatened in the community and some mandatory evacuations remain in effect tonight. one outbuilding has been destroyed. ktvu's rob roth live where some are waiting to find out what
6:00 pm
happened to their homes. >> reporter: the scorch hillsides here have felt the wrath of the fire and many are worried about which way the wind is blowing. >> we had the flames coming up over the ridge. >> reporter: they could see the fire last night. they knew they had to get their 40 horses to safety. >> we are concerned about getting the animals out and safe. >> reporter: they were a able toboard the horses but -- to board the horses but it wasn't easy. >> takes more than one trip. while they are dropping horses off at a safe location, i was pulling horses out of barnes ask stalls and -- and stalls and tying them up. >> reporter: 200 homes and ranches were evacuated. evacuation centers have been sent up for people and large animals, including the horses. people are happy no one


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